Thursday, February 09, 2012


Has it only been a week? Wow. This challenge was both easier and harder than expected.

Easier, because I expected to finish in a month, rather than a week. I'm really bad at making time estimates.

Harder, because I ended up writing much more code than I expected. I initially thought that I would implement the four stories back-to-back, with a few lines of code each. That was the plan. But I ended up organizing my code a lot, and implementing a few visual niceties which were not in the original stories. I'm really bad at sticking to a plan.

In any case, tada! Here is Substrate, iteration 1.

The greyed-out text is one of the extra visual niceties
I couldn't help but add. This shows you which lines
are going to run when you press F5.

That's right! I escaped from my curse, and completed a project: an MVP version of Substrate. I think laying down a plan at the beginning really helped, even if I didn't follow it too closely. I'll definitely need to write down new stories for iteration 2. But not yet.

For now, I need to play a bit with the product. Only then, as a user, will I have the authority to decide which parts of the product could be improved.

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