Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Still not ready for private consumption

Good news! This time, I did manage to find a use for Substrate. It turns out that if you want to suck the motivation out of your programmers and make them want to quit, forcing them to use Substrate is a really good way to achieve that!

So, yeah. Eating your own dog food is a great way to find flaws in your own software, but not necessarily a good way to get them fixed. I mean, I want to fix them, I do, but the idea of eating my own dog food is that I should be using Substrate to manipulate its own source code. So I'm supposed to fix those debilitating flaws using a debilitatingly flawed software. No fun there! It would also take a while, because the sub-par tool would drag me down. Better do it all in vim and forget about the dog thing.

Iteration 3

This iteration is about using Substrate and vim, together. My goal is to make Substrate a good complement for vim.

My goal was never to replace vim. That would be silly! I was not thinking of Substrate as a text editor at all, but as a text manipulator. Sometimes I would need an editor, and sometimes I would need a manipulator. But I have now realized that I won't be developing Substrate using Substrate, I will be developing Substrate using vim! Mostly vim. So if I want to keep Substrate in the loop, to eat it as dog food, then I need Substrate and vim to play along.

And to do that, I need Substrate to interact with the external files I'll be editing in vim.

Story 10 (1 story point): I can save the current project. Use a version number in case the format changes.
Story 11 (1 story point): I can run the script with a particular file as input.
Story 12 (1 story point): I can run the script with each file from a directory (recursively) as input.
Story 13 (1 story point): I can run the script with only the changed files as input.
Story 14 (2 story point): I can perform story 13 from the command line, or when a file change is detected.
Story 15 (1 story point): I can write multiple parallel scripts (all with the same input).
Story 16 (1 story point): I can write multiple sequential scripts (feeding one into the other).

No "bonus" stories this iteration, not anymore. Listing the stories in advance gives me a short term goal to accomplish, and that's motivating. There no motivation in completing optional stories: who am I trying to impress? I just want to be done with the mandatory stories as early as possible, and play video games for the rest of the week.

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