Thursday, May 28, 2020

Yes, I approve of your license.

In the world of open source, changing the license, or introducing an official license on code which previously didn't have any, can be difficult because all the contributors, including the contributors who are no longer active, need to approve the change. In an effort to make things slightly easier for the open source projects to which I have contributed, I, Samuel GĂ©lineau, also known online as "gelisam" and "haskell_cat", hereby accept any license change requested by the current maintainers of a project.

  • This applies to all projects, not only to projects which meet some definition of "open source".
  • It doesn't matter whether the new license meets some definition of "open source".
  • The goal is not for me to receive fewer requests to approve a license change, but to allow the license change to go through even if I cannot be reached.