Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Google's badware hoop (and solution)

As you've probably noticed, Google began warning users against some websites, making them read through a "this site may harm your computer" message before allowing them to proceed. I'm glad to see you care about me, Google, thanks, but no thanks. I can take care of myself.

The problem is, you can't turn this off.

Until today, of course, since I'm publishing this greasemonkey script. There are other scripts like this here and there, but I obviously prefer mine better. My version highlights dangerous links in red, letting you into the site without asking you to jump into any hoop. In addition, a second link allows you to check Google's diagnostic page, which explains how the hell they could be led to believe that my local tree-hugging eco center switched from wanting to recycle my computer to wanting to harm it.

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